Far UV-C Disinfecting Lightings


The far UV-C has a wavelength considered non-harmful (222nm) for the skin and the eyes
while keeping a germicidal efficiency for the air and surfaces. A motion detector on the
device stops the lighting or on the contrary triggers it for a possible use in presence of

With the help of the operating instructions and a table depending on the height of the
installation, you can program it to perform different cycles with different lighting and
shutdown times. You can choose a cumulative duration that will remain below 22mJ/cm²
for a duration of 8 hours per day (recommendation).

Reminder: the presence of SARS-CoV2 is reduced by 99.9% by an exposure of 3.7mJ/cm².
Comes with a remote control.

The UV-C lamp is environmentally friendly as it does not contain mercury. It is effective
against viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi present in the air and on surfaces.
Full light source output in 3s. Frequent on/off cycles do not affect the life span.


Excimer bulb power20 W
Voltage110 V - 220 V
Wavelength222 nm
Lifetime3 000 h
Dimensions307 x 117 x 48 mm
Beam angle120°
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