UV-C Floor Roller

UV-C Floor Roller Specifications

One equipment to sanitize all the floors of your premicises

The UV-C roll contains a low pressure UV-C tube in its width
pressure tube of 1,20m. The movement at the step by an operator
allows the 36W light to disinfect floors of fungi, mites, bacteria and viruses.
The UV-C rays destroy pathogens to more than 99%. These invisible rays
rays penetrate the envelope of the DNA and/or RNA and break the chains
and break the chains. Pathogens can no longer reproduce.

At walking speed, the roller delivers a dose that reduces the presence of
SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid 19).
Such a dose also destroys other pathogens.
This does not prejudge the possible resistance
of other germs or mites requiring more

Features :

  • Button release on the handlebar.
  • Green LED: general lighting
  • Blue LED: the movement starts the UV-C tubes ignition
  • Red LED: speed overtaking
  • Interruption of the UV-C tubes ignition if the movement is stopped
  • Power supply 220V.
  • Philips branded UV-C tubes made in the EU
  • French design and manufacturing

Even tables

Irradiance E Exposure time Step on Dose or fluency
3.54 mJ/cm² 1,25s 4.42 mJ/cm²/s

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