UV-C Mobile Air Sanitizer

Features and operation

UV-C Mobile Air Sanitizer

A ventilation system draws in ambient air, circulates it past the internal UV C tubes and then past an activated carbon filter.
The Dynamic UV Room Sterilizer consists mainly of a shell, 7 x 36 watt UV lamps, an activated carbon filter, a fan and a control system.
The UV lamps emit high intensity ultraviolet light that kills all micro-organisms or pathogens, including SARS (Covid 19). The light penetrates and destroys the DNA/RNA of the microorganisms.

Since the UV tubes are not visible, the unit can operate continuously in the presence of users. It allows you to disinfect the ambient air during your professional activity. The unit can be automatically set to turn on and off three times a day.

The UV Room Sterilizer has many applications not only in hospitals, but also in schools, playgrounds, hotels, clinics, homes, cinemas, buildings, food manufacturing companies and offices.

Its operation is simple: it is equipped with functions such as manual, automatic or programmable sterilization. It can be moved from room to room. It must be connected to the mains to start.


Volume of action (m³)≤ 120
Air flow rate (m³/h)≥ 1300
Power watts (W)≤ 360
UV irradiation intensity (µw/m²)≥ 13800
Ozone concentration (mg/m³)≤ 0
Noise db(A)≤ 50
EnvironmentTemperature: 5-40 °C / Humidity: 80%
Dimensions (mm)590*490*960
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