UV-C Spotlight on Rail


These UV light simply stand on existing spot rails.
Works at night to sanitize spaces, when nobody is around and plants have to be protected. Employees and customers will be welcome in respect to hygiene rules.

UV-C rays (ultraviolet, non-visible wavelength, aproximately 254 nanometres (nm)) destroys viruses at 99%, bacterias and mites.

UV-C tube lights are from Philips.

The device includes an infrared movement detection tool to stop the lighting if some people walk by.
Possibility of a distanced control of the device using a remote control with delay integrated system : 15mn, 30mn, 60mn, 90mn, 120mn.

Options on demand :
• single-tubed UV-C spotlight
• two-tubed UV-C spotlight
• network remote control (WIFI, DMX, DALI, KNX...)

UV-C wavelength254 nm
Lifetime10 000 hours
UV-C rays power4W / 7.5W
Dimensions380 x 60 x 80 cm
Tension220 V
Consumed power16W / 32W
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