UV San

Features and operation

UV-C disinfection eliminaites the risk of epidemic transmission.
Toilet flushes are known to release a cloud of aerosols carrying germs form the bowl (bit.ly/3D4AxgL).

Installed on a wall above the sanitary facilities, this UV-C light disinfects between each usage. It disinfects the ambient air and surfaces where the main risks of contaminants are.
It switches on automatically upon leaving the place and in the absence of people. An outside LED shows the disinfection is in progress.

To welcome public and staff in the best health conditions, it is triggered in the absence of people. The device switches on automatically after one leaves the premice. A motion sensor switches off the device if a person gets in.
A remote-control is available for other public areas.

Biologically tested by Eurofins Scientific : 99,99% destruction of bovine coronavirus after 8mn at 1m distance.

Made in France
Patent pending



UV-C WavelengthYou can put a description here if you like.254 nm
Lifespan9 000 h
UV-C radiation power7,2 W*s/cm²
Dimension474 x Ø 63,5 mm
Voltage220 V
Power consumption32 W
Download datasheet
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