Sanitizing all your daily-used objects

Smartphone, keys, glasses...

Product caracteristics

Smartphone, keys, glasses, make-up accessories ...

For objects that are used on an every-day basis, the UV-decontamination kit destroys viruses, bacterias and dust mites (on fabric), thanks to the conjoint power of wavelenghs in ultraviolet, around 254 nm (nanometers), and so kills organisms.

Shorter wavelenghs (185 nm) create ozone, which allows to sanitize the air outside of the UV lights beams.

A time delay automatically stops the device. Diodes of color indicates when it works.

Sterilization reaches 99% at the end of a cycle.

Product available in pink or grey.

Wavelenghs185 nm - 254 nm
Dimensions25 x 21,5 x 17 cm
Delay before ignition12 s
Tension5 V
Electric flow2 A
Power3 W
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