Ventilated UV Ceiling Light

Ceiling light 600 x 600 tri-functions

This high-tech luminaire is connected to your building management system by
Wifi, with no need to install a wired connection.
Thanks to a study by SupAero JC, the noise generated during air disinfection (in the presence of users) is less than 35
presence of the users) remains lower than 35dB, even at the highest of the 3 modes of
ventilation modes.
Activated carbon filters block dust and large particles in order to keep the internal tubes efficient.

• White lighting 3000K by LED panel 600x400mm,
• Disinfection of the ambient air by forced ventilation (3 fans)
in front of 2 UV-C tubes in upper formwork, not visible from
• Direct disinfection of surfaces and air by one UV-C tube,
active when no user is detected.
• Remote connectivity (WIFI) and remote control.
• Sources : 3 T8 UV-C Philips 15W tubes and one LED panel.
• Optimization of ventilation and noise.
• Recessed or surface-mounted installation.

Philips T8 UV-C and dale LED sources.
Patent pending. Made in France.


Lifetime UV-C Lamp9 000 h
LED Lifetime50 000 h
Brightness3 000 lm
White color temperature3 000 K
Air flow rate160 - 230 - 300 m³/h
Dimensions60 x 60 cm
Voltage110 V / 220 V
Rated Power60 W
Download the datasheet

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