UV-C Wardrobes

Wardrobes specifications

Two equipments to sanitize one or three clothes

UV-C Wardobes contain two or three UV-C low pressure, 1.2m tubes for on-clothe or three clothes wardrobes respectively.

Inside miror coatings reflect the UV-C light.

These UV-C 36W tubes disinfect form viruses, bacterias and fongi and mold. They destroy pathogenics up to 99%. Invisible UV-C rays penetrate DNAs or RNAs enveloppes and break them so they cannot reproduce.

Functionalities :

  • Red LED : main power is on
  • Lightings start upon closing the one or the 2 doors
  • Blue LED : UV-C tubes running
  • Green LED : End of disinfection cycle & UV-C tubes off
  • Tunable disinfection timing from 10s to 60s (to accomodate various bugs or fabrics; to be handled by a certified professional)
  • UV-C tubes turn off upon opening one of the doors
  • 220V-110V
  • Philips brand UV-C tubes, made in EU
  • Designed and made in France

UV-C Power

Irradiance E Exposure time Dose or Fluence
0,8 mJ/cm² 15s 11,84 mJ/cm²

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