For offices, hotels and schools

UVescence offers two safe way to decontaminate officies, hotels, schools and sanitaries

Our products

Sterilize your workspace at 99%

Ceiling lights

The ceiling light can be well included in current installations. Its dimensions are 60cm x 60 cm. Each ceiling light lights approximatly 8m².

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The CK75-UV

This new UV tube lamp destroys viruses, bacterias, and dust mites thanks to the conjoint power of UV rays of different wavelenghs. UVCs of a wavelengh of 254 nanometers (nm) kill organisms.

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The Air Sanitizer

Even in your presence

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Mobile UV-C Air sanitizer

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Remote security management

EU Standards

Remote control

A control allows a remote start.

Time delay

A time delay allows the device to work for 15 or 30 mins only.

Motion detection

The system shuts down in case an unforeseen presence is detected while it is working.
CE Standards

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