Plug & Play

Mobile UV-C lights

Ready-to-use lighting

Without installation

UV-C cabinet for clothes

Cabinets decontaminate one or 3 bathrobes, outfits or uniforms in few seconds.

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UV-C floor rollers

For disinfecting floors, sports mats, etc...

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UV-C LightBulb

On a tripod or suspended, this mobile and economical disinfection bulb has all the safety features without sacrificing efficiency.

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UV-C Trolley

On castors with 1 or 2 retractable arms, presence detector and timer. Let you guide you on the duration of exposure.

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Mobile UV-C Decontamination Platform

This platform of nocturnal UV decontamination destroys viruses, bacterias, dust mites thanks to the conjoint power of invisible rays of different wavelengths in ultraviolet.

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Mobile Air Sanitizer

Even in your presence

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Far UV-C Lightings

Disinfects air and surfaces in the presence of users

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Remote safety control

European standards


Start-up by multi-standard wifi link thanks to your BMS or by manual remote control.


A timer allows you to choose how long the device is activated.

Motion Detection

IR and microwave motion sensors for high precision. Power off upon detection and beeps to signal automatic power back on.